Kristin Ruge Hutchins, CEO of Ruge’s Subaru, Named Hudson Valley Women in Business Honoree

It’s no secret that the automotive business is a fairly male-dominated business. Traditionally, it has been an industry that has appealed to many men and has inspired many of them to pursue careers in auto sales, service, or parts. It is not uncommon to walk into a car dealer and find that the majority of the staff, especially the leadership, are men. This is starting to change in many dealerships, and Ruge’s Subaru, located at 6444 Montgomery Street in Rhinebeck, NY, is leading the charge. The CEO of our family of dealerships is a woman: Kristen Ruge Hutchins, and she has recently been named a Hudson Valley Women in Business Honoree.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

This is a great honor and it is not a loss on Ms. Hutchins that, as a woman in the automotive industry, it has an even greater significance. She is well-aware that, even though women are becoming a greater presence in the industry, she still is a trailblazer of sorts, being the head of a dealership. Hutchins has a strong sense of pride in the fact that the Ruge family has a strong reputation in the community, with the first dealership being opened in 1935, by her grandfather. She has sought to carry on the family’s tradition of community involvement and service. She mentions that it gives her a great sense of satisfaction to be involved with groups such as the Anderson Center for Autism. Even with all this great work in the community, she also never forgets the responsibility she has to continue on the Ruge reputation for a customer-centric experience.

Ms. Hutchins has been recognized for spearheading the strategic vision that has become the business model for Ruge dealerships today. She also has great advice for women who have encountered a glass ceiling in their own industries. The advice she has is to go for what you want and to not be afraid to “stretch, grow, and break the glass ceiling.” She feels that there is great progress being made across the board for women in business and that it would be a “disservice” for any woman to not share any ideas that they felt were worthwhile and could help lead their company to success.

Experience the Vision for Yourself

If you currently have an automotive need in sales, service, or parts, come to Ruge’s Subaru, in Rhinebeck, NY, and experience all the principles that Ms. Hutchins has set in place at our dealership for yourself.

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