Anyone who works at Ruge’s Subaru knows that in addition to wanting the absolute best for our customers, we want the absolute best for our team as well. If you look at our website, you’ll see among our guiding principles the following:

“We value….a healthy, positive workplace that promotes well-being, offers ongoing professional and personal development opportunities, and fosters growth, connectedness, success, and fulfillment.”

Recently we caught up with Jack Cleary, our Service Manager, who gave us an example of how that value is coming to life through a program called Subaru U.

Through a partnership with Subaru, companies like Ruge’s eligible students have an opportunity to gain Level 2 Subaru technician status while attending college! According to Jack, the program entails two years of coursework and an “apprenticeship” at a Subaru retailer, giving students the knowledge and hands-on training needed to secure employment.

Here at Ruge’s, Jack noted that two of our technicians, Jordan Banton (Rockland Community College) and Sean Van Etten (Columbia-Greene Community College) are now in their final semesters of school and working to complete the Subaru U. curriculum.

And in addition to acknowledging that they’re about to achieve this milestone, we’d like to share with these guys extra-big kudos, as they’ve both been working nearly full-time while pursuing their degrees. They’re an inspiration to all of us on the Ruge’s team!

And their education is really a win for everyone, including our customers. Vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced every day, and by ensuring that our staff has comprehensive training on the most cutting-edge technology, we empower them to address the needs and concerns of our customers.

As Jack noted, “This will help Ruge’s customers by ensuring that we have knowledgeable, qualified Subaru-trained techs to perform all aspects of work on their vehicles, whether it be as simple as maintenance, or as difficult as electrical, engine, transmission or technology repairs.”

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Subaru U. website for anyone thinking about a career as a technician:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of qualified technicians needed nationwide will rise to around 780,000 by the year 2024, representing a 5% YOY increase in demand. With the current technician force moving closer to retirement, the opportunities for a technician with the right qualifications are substantial. Every manufacturer and independent, quick service, and specialty shop are competing for the limited amount of resources out there. As Subaru continues to grow at the fastest rate in the industry, the need for qualified technicians in our service departments is ever more present.

If you know of anyone interested in this program, contact us here at Ruge’s by calling 845.876.7074.

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