How could Subaru possibly improve upon the versatile, highly safe and wildly capable new Outback? It's about to happen, with the upcoming new Subaru Outback Wilderness presenting the most powerful and capable version of this dynamic crossover. A greater level of ground clearance, bold and rugged styling, special wheels and tires and more are added to the Outback, making the Wilderness edition that version to choose for all sorts of adventures. Get in touch with Ruge's Subaru right now to find out when the new Outback Wilderness will be available to test drive.

Taking several features already found with the current versions of the Outback, such as the available turbocharged four-cylinder, the standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, and dynamic infotainment and driver assistance technology, the Wilderness builds upon its success with more. The ground clearance increases to 9.5 inches, making it remarkably capable for crawling over different terrains, while special wheels and tires are added to handle any kind of surface you're driving on. Special roof rails and skid plates are added, as are LED fog lights, tow points and more.

For all the focus on the rugged styling and equipment additions, the new Outback Wilderness will remain a safe and feature-filled Subaru model for your everyday travels. Complete with the available 11.6-inch tablet-style infotainment touchscreen display and the Subaru EyeSight safety features, the new Outback Wilderness has everything you could possibly want in a do-it-all and adventure-ready SUV. You'll even get some special, exclusive interior styling, with copper-finish accents, Wilderness logos emblazoned onto seat backs and floor mats, and other touches that let your passengers know they're riding in something special.

Get ready for all kinds of adventures by finding out when the new Outback Wilderness will be available here at Ruge's Subaru, and connect with us today so we can get you started.

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