Subaru vehicles are designed to explore the world outside. With features like standard AWD and available tech features that make crawling over rough terrain a breeze, Subaru models are made for adventure. It's that kind of adventurous spirit that makes us think about what we can do to help protect our planet so that other Subaru lovers and we can keep exploring. One of the steps we've taken is to offer hybrid options so that our customers can enjoy excellent fuel efficiency and less of an impact on the environment, but we figured that there had to be more we could do. That's where our partnership with the Carbon Offset Company comes into play.

What does our relationship with the Carbon Offset Company mean?

We're working with the Carbon Offset Company to organize a tree-planting initiative to help minimize our impact on the environment. How does this work? The average vehicle emits 10,141.3 pounds of carbon a year, so we're going to plant 15 trees for every new vehicle we sell. That'll offset about 10,170 pounds of carbon, allowing us to keep the balance and help us protect the environment.

Our goal is to be as carbon-neutral as possible, so we're excited to partner with the Carbon Offset Company and start making a difference.

Where will the trees be planted?

Many of them will be planted locally, such as in the Village of Rhinebeck and other surrounding communities. Some of our trees will also go as far as the Finger Lakes or even Madagascar with the help of the Carbon Offset Company. So, we're leaving little patches of green all over.

Find out more!

We're excited to tell you all about this initiative, so if you're curious, please feel free to get in touch with us at Ruge's Subaru. We look forward to answering your questions!

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