Ryan is the 3rd of our Pine Plains HS crew!

After a degree in Business at U Albany, Ryan returned to Stanfordville, and worked for the NYS Labor Department.

Ryan's an outdoor fan enjoying skiing and hiking!

He drives a Subaru WRX STi!

My beloved 25 year old Subaru went in to Ruge's for service recently and they discovered the frame and whole underbody was rusted through and it wasn't even safe to keep up on the lift. The car was running well, so I was bereft, but their excellent service department guys satisfied my pointed questions about why it was time to let go of this car. So I went across the street to Ruge's Subaru dealership and Ryan Kelly helped me looked at the used cars they had in my price range. This would be my first self-bought car so it was all new to me, but Ryan was very patient, absolutely UN-pushy and completely straightforward about supplying all the info I needed to make an informed purchase. While he freely offered an opinion if I asked for one, I never got the feeling he was trying to sell me anything...which is pretty remarkable for a car dealer.  As a mature female customer, I found his 
natural professionalism unusual and very refreshing. The best "large purchase" experience I have ever had.  Dealer and service dept. both great !
MM, Bearsville