Certified Pre-Owned Subaru's For Sale in Rhinebeck, NY

Used Car Dealership in Rhinebeck, NY

Not everyone is in the market for a brand-new car. The offerings on the new vehicle market are sometimes outside your scope of desires or simply out of your budget. But at Ruge’s Subaru, we are committed to having something for everyone. That is why we have a fully-stocked used car lot right here in Rhinebeck to ensure we meet every driver’s needs. While buying used sometimes comes with a stigma, we are here to erase that doubt and show you that buying a pre-owned car is actually a good idea.

Why Buy a Used Car

When we say that purchasing a used car can be a good idea, we mean it. Not only can you save money as the initial price is lower, but you also will see less value depreciation when you drive off the lot than you would with a new model. Additionally, buying a used car can open your options greatly. Maybe you want a fancy, upscale vehicle that is way outside of your budget. When you shop pre-owned, you may be able to afford a car with all the bells and whistles. Why buy a used car? Quality and luxury at an affordable price.

The Difference Between Used and CPO

When you are perusing the used car lot, you may come across vehicles labeled as certified pre-owned (CPO). The title is not just a fancy name for used cars, though. CPO vehicles are pre-owned cars that meet certain standards set by the manufacturer. For example, CPO Subarus must be under five years old and pass an intensive 152-point safety inspection, ensuring they are only of the highest quality before being sold. In all, CPO vehicles are a perfect option between new and used cars.

The Options Here at Ruge’s Subaru

At Ruge’s Subaru, we have a plethora of used cars available on our lot. From our CPO section to our models of many makes, we have something for everyone. Whether you want a pre-owned SUV, sedan, or truck, you will find it right here. And if you are not so sure what you want out of your next vehicle, we will help you determine that as well. Our team of dedicated car experts will pick your brain until you have a number of solid options in front of you. When you visit our dealership, we guarantee you will walk – or drive – away with a smile on your face.

Financing a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Just because you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, does not mean you can afford to pay for it out of pocket. Scraping away all of your savings for a new-to-you car is never a good idea. That is exactly why we have a team of used car loan specialists here to assist you in finding the right financing package for your next vehicle. Whether your credit is poor or pristine, we will work tirelessly to get you a great rate for your great car.

Buy a Used Car near Red Hook Today

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you used vehicle? Contact us at Ruge’s Subaru today. We will walk you through our entire lot of offerings and get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that meets your needs. Until then, we look forward to meeting you!