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Welcome to the Subaru Parts Center here at Ruge’s Subaru. We are proud to offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for your vehicle. Whether you are looking to do your own routine maintenance or would like to do some DIY repairs or upgrades, you can find what you need right here in Rhinebeck. Our team will work with you to ensure you get the right parts for your vehicle and even help you with installation. There is nothing you will not get when you visit our dealership. 

Why OEM? Comparing Auto Parts

When you are looking for an auto part, you will see a variety of options, but there are two main categories: OEM and aftermarket. OEM Subaru parts are going to be the more expensive of the two, but this is a case in which you don’t want to make your decision based solely on price. If you go for the more inexpensive options, aftermarket parts, you may not get as long or as quality of a life out of them. 

Aftermarket parts are made to work inside a variety of cars, meaning the fit is likely not going to be exact. OEM auto parts, on the other hand, are built for your specific make and model vehicle. They are made by the manufacturer, Subaru in this case, and are the exact same component that came in your vehicle from the get-go. This ensures perfect fit and functionality for years to come, which is why we offer and suggest that you always go with the OEM option.

Why Ruge’s Subaru? Your Automotive Hub

OEM Subaru parts are definitely the best option when maintaining, fixing, or upgrading your vehicle, but you can get these tons of places. So, why Ruge’s Subaru? Plain and simple: because we care. Not only do we have a full selection of auto parts for sale in Rhinebeck, and the ability to order anything we do not have in stock, but we also have a staff that is here to help in any way you need.

If you aren’t sure what part you require, we can help you pick through the options and determine which one is right for you. If you get the parts and realize the job is bigger than you thought, we can help you with installation. Our Subaru service center is on site and open six days a week to perform any automotive service you need. At Ruge’s Subaru, we are dedicated to you and your vehicle – that is why we are the place to get your auto parts.

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When you are ready to start shopping for Subaru parts, contact us or swing by our Subaru dealership serving Red Hook, Millbrook, and surrounding areas. We will talk with you about what you are looking for, and ensure it ends up in your hands – and your car – in no time. See you soon!

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