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Early Lease Exchange Program at Ruge's Subaru

Did you know that there's a way to get out of your lease early? Here at Ruge's we're often able to get you out of your current vehicle and into a new Subaru as early as six months before your leasing contract ends. To see if you qualify, all you need to do is contact a leasing representative here at Ruge's Subaru. We can review the details of your lease and walk you through the process of what to do next.

How Does It Work?

To start, we will put you in touch with one of our Leasing Consultants at the store. They will collect all the necessary information on your current lease such as VIN, current mileage, leasing company, and lease expiration date. From there, we can help determine if you qualify for the program and go through all your options moving forward.

Whether you have already decided on your next Subaru model, or if you are still researching which might be the best fit, you can browse our new vehicle inventory here.

How Does This Benefit Me?

By exchanging your lease early, you can often save yourself from making the remaining payments on your current vehicle, as well as any lease termination fees that come along with it. The early lease exchange program provides you with the option to upgrade to the newest model year, sometimes for less than you are paying now!

What If I'm Leasing a Different Brand?

Whether you are currently in a Chevy, Ford, Toyota, or any other brand, we would love the opportunity to help you make the switch before your lease expiration. The Early Lease Exchange Program makes it possible for us to assist you in getting the keys to the new Subaru you've been dreaming about!

Contact Our Subaru Dealership in Rhinebeck With Any Questions

We are always looking for more quality pre-owned vehicles to fill our lot, and this program has given us a way to do so! By buying out the lease of your vehicle, we can put a reliable, well-cared-for, and often lower-mileage vehicle on our lot. If this is something you are interested in taking advantage of, reach out for a Free Consultation, and we'll walk through the program guidelines to determine your eligibility. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our leasing consultants by giving us a call or filling out the form on this page.