Meet Our Newest Service Advisor JT Tublewicz

JT Tublewicz

JT Tublewicz loves delivering on the Ruge’s promise of an exceptional service experience - and especially enjoys when he can provide an “a-ha” moment for a customer.

JT, at what point in your life did you first fall in love with cars?

Growing up in very rural Ellenville, NY, getting my license finally gave me a chance to escape and explore. I bought my first vehicle for $500 at age 16. I felt so free! It was just me, my mom, and my sister - and they didn’t have experience with cars so I taught myself how to drive a stick shift and how to do body work, and eventually got into race cars.

And you have also developed a passion for building vehicles? How did you learn what to do?

Yes; I love working on and building cars. I still have a 2000 Civic SI in my garage and really enjoy working on it when I have time. You learn one step at a time, like anything - start with something simple like replacing a battery, and then find various people with the areas of expertise you need for the different parts of the car. It’s all about having ‘teachers’ who are passionate about what they are doing - you need to find people who get really excited about the cars they work on and ask them as many questions as possible.

How did you land at Ruge’s?

My sister Joey Dakin is a Service Writer for Ruge’s - so she set me up! She had gotten me into this field initially, many years ago. After working for other brands over the years, one day she said of Ruge’s: “we need somebody”...and I said “I’ll be ‘somebody’!” So here I am, and I really love it. Ruge’s is so different from its competitors; it’s got such a family feel and the people are great.

What was your training like?

Our training at Ruge’s is very much focused on giving our customers the best experience possible; I think that says it all about the company. They really value relationships and that comes through from the moment you start training.

When it comes to technology in cars, how do you stay up to “speed”?

We get training anytime new features are introduced. They make it pretty straightforward, and it’s fun to see how technology continues to evolve in the car industry.

What do you most love about working for Ruge’s?

I really like showing people simple tricks to make their day easier. I also love that people here really are about each other. My dog was sick, and I discovered how much they care about me as a person, separate from my work here - there was genuine concern and they encouraged me to take time off as needed.

What do you like to do to unwind?

I love music! I really enjoy playing my guitars. I was in a few bands growing up; even played at The Chance and some others around the area - but then I had to get a regular job! And I’m now a homeowner too, which keeps me busy. I also enjoy gaming with friends from all over; it’s a nice way to stay connected.

Favorite musician you want to hear when you drive?

John Mayer

If you could go on a road trip anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would go to the Grand Canyon in a Subaru Crosstrek. You get awesome cargo space, all wheel drive, great gas mileage - and, if needed, the ability to safely go off-road!

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