What is Subaru Auto Vehicle Hold

A depiction of a Subaru equipped with Auto Vehicle Hold.

What is Subaru Auto Vehicle Hold?

AVH stands for Auto Vehicle Hold. It is a function that is available on many Subaru vehicles and allows the driver to temporarily hold the vehicle in place when it comes to a complete stop. This feature was first launched in 2018 and replaced the “Hill Holder” feature on previous models. AVH can be really useful in situations where the vehicle needs to be stopped for a short period of time, such as waiting at a traffic light, waiting for traffic to clear, or most commonly for myself, in the drive thru line!

When AVH is engaged, the driver can take their foot off the brake pedal and the vehicle will remain in place without having to put the vehicle in park. To release AVH the driver simply needs to press on the accelerator pedal.

Why is AVH Helpful?

AVH can be useful when the driver needs to keep the vehicle stationary for an extended (or undetermined) period of time. Many people use this feature to alleviate driver fatigue or to prevent the vehicle from accidently moving if their foot slips off the brake (turning around to pick up something off the floor behind you). It can also be very helpful during stop-and-go traffic.


How to Use AVH

In some Subaru models the AVH is a physical button, typically located by the shifter. However, in many newer models with the 11.6’’ multimedia screen, the AVH feature is built into the on-screen settings menu. To activate the feature, simply press the button, or locate the toggle switch within the “Car Settings” portion of the menu (pictured below).



When the AVH system is turned on and active, a green light “AVH” shows up on the main dash. When you come to a complete stop, the bracketed circle icon will show telling you the system is working properly. At that time, you can remove your foot from the brake. There are a few circumstances where the system will not engage, so it’s very important to check for the icon, and ensure the system is active before releasing the brake.