Three Reasons Poughkeepsie Residents Love the Subaru Crosstrek!

Poughkeepsie and Kingston residents searching for a robust and rugged SUV will absolutely love the Subaru Crosstrek. This compact SUV took the automotive world by storm after its release to the market only a few years ago. The list of reasons to love the Subaru brand only continues to grow with each passing year. Whether you're looking to step up your commuting game or are simply seeking an alternative form of transportation other than your current dated and well-loved sedan or SUV -- the Subaru Crosstrek will be more than everything you could ever dream!


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Why Ruge's Subaru Is Your #1 Service Destination In Kingston

Subaru drivers around Kingston know that their Outback, WRX or Impreza is one of a kind and not like other vehicles on the road. So why would you let anyone but the Ruge's Subaru team take care of your service needs? You put your trust in us to help you find the perfect new or used Subaru at an affordable price and we ask you to trust us to keep your Subaru running at its best for many miles to come.


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Which Subaru Models Come with a Turbo Engine?

All Subaru models offer the safety and performance of symmetrical all-wheel drive. As well as high resale value, reliability, and all-weather handling, some models also offer turbo-charged engines for a fun and efficient driving experience.

A turbocharger uses your car's exhaust to power a small turbine which compresses the air going into your car's engine, allowing the engine to burn fuel more rapidly. A turbo-charged engine produces more power than the same engine without the turbocharger, has a slightly lower carbon footprint, and may be more fuel efficient. 

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