Ruge’s Subaru Loves Learning & Helping Others Learn

Subartu loves to care award give to Ruge's Subaru team

For students and families everywhere, a new school year represents the promise of learning, growth, and discovery. We are SO excited for ALL of you! And for all of us at Ruge’s Subaru, this means that the “Subaru Loves Learning®” season is underway as well! Naturally, we believe in supporting young people all year long—whether it be through our annual sponsorships of sports teams, enrichment programs, arts initiatives, or one of our many nonprofit commitments.

The Subaru Loves Learning effort, however, happens every fall at the start of the school year and is designed to give teachers and students what they need to shine for the months ahead. Here’s how it works: through the partnership between Subaru and the national nonprofit AdoptAClassroom, we make a donation that helps bridge the gap between financial needs and on-hand resources for a local high-need school.

This year, Ralph R. Smith Elementary School (part of the Hyde Park School District) is the selected benefactor of our Ruge’s Subaru program. This particular school fits the criteria of the nationwide Subaru Loves Learning program: it is considered “high need”, where 40% or more of its population qualifies for the Free or Reduced-Price Student Lunch Program.

As is the case in countless schools all over the country, we realize that teachers often tap their own personal bank accounts to pay for much-needed classroom supplies that neither the district (nor the families) can afford. In fact, if you look at the trends throughout the country, the percentage of classrooms comprised of students whose families can’t afford school supplies is a jarring 92%—and 96% of teachers are absorbing those expenses to prevent their students from going without.

Our Ruge’s Subaru Loves Learning donation of $3,000 is turned into “credits” for our dedicated classroom educators at Ralph R. Smith Elementary School. Through an online educational marketplace, those credits can be used directly by teachers to purchase supplies and materials available to them. Note: we LOVE that this program is rooted in the philosophy that teachers know best what they need to maximize academic success for their students; we share that sentiment!

Says Kristin Hutchins, CEO of Ruge’s Automotive: “Our educators and their students work tirelessly every day, all year long, and we feel that they deserve to have everything they need right at their fingertips to maximize potential. This is one way that we can help advance equity in education, while also sending the message to all of them that the community supports their educational goals. We are so thrilled to be part of this; it’s one of our favorite philanthropic endeavors.”

In addition to supporting local students through the Subaru Loves Learning program, Ruge’s Subaru also funds scholarships for local graduating high-school seniors each year. If you’d like to learn more about AdoptAClassroom, which has, since its inception 25 years ago, supported more than 6.4 million students nationwide, Visit their website. For more info on Subaru Loves Learning, Click Here