The Subaru Forester Is Pawsitively Perfect for Pet Parents on the Go

A gray 2024 Subaru Forester Sport is shown driving to visit a Subaru dealer near Hudson.

The ultimate pet-friendly ride is waiting for you at Ruge's Subaru, your go-to Subaru dealer near Hudson. The Subaru Forester is a versatile five-seater compact SUV that not only caters to the daily demands of the driver but goes the extra mile to ensure our four-legged friends are as safe and as comfortable as can be.

The Forester is the go-to SUV for drivers seeking a pet-friendly vehicle. This model boasts a spacious cabin, available dual-zone climate control, and durable stain-resistant seating, easily pairing practicality with comfort while offering the flexibility you need to keep Fido comfy. Whether you’re just taking some downtime at the Hudson Dog Park, swinging by PetSmart for some kibble and new toys, or hitting the open road for a weekend of fun and exploration, the Forester ensures everyone has a great time.

But as we said, your Forester isn’t just your average ride. While pet parents have endless choices when it comes to compact SUVs, the Forester takes things a step further with thoughtful add-on features and accessories designed specifically with our furry co-pilots in mind.

The Forester can be decked out in a myriad of ways to elevate your pet parenting experience. From ingenious cargo area extras like a clip-in collapsible kennel (which was designed to secure safely into your Forester’s rear cargo hold) to durable padded cargo liners and seat covers that can withstand muddy paws and shedding fur while resisting scratches, we’re going to explore the great accessories that can turn your Forester into the perfect ride for everyone, including your beloved companions.

Seating: Covers, Mats, and Protectors

When it comes to keeping your Forester’s interior clean and comfortable for your passengers—furry and non-furry alike—seat covers can be a game changer. Talk about convenience! Picture this: You’re out hiking with your pups at the beautiful Greenport Conservation Area, and things turn rainy. You rush back to your Forester, open the door, and your pups jump in. There will be muddy paws, damp fur, and plenty of rolling and shaking to dry off—and that means a lot of cleanup later on. But you know what they say: work smarter, not harder.

In cases like this, Subaru has you covered with their Pet-Friendly Padded Seat Protector. These are heavy-duty and water-resistant to help you keep your interior tidy. They can be easily removed and tossed into the washing machine for quick cleanup. The quilted seat padding gives your furry friend plenty of comforts while keeping your seat upholstery safe from claws, hair, and water. The seat covers are secured with velcro for easy on and off. No straps or buckles here! They are LATCH accessible to increased convenience.

Drivers can also opt for more tailored seat coverings that include top-to-bottom upholstery protection; this includes the headrest. They are secured with a series of buckles and straps and are great for drivers who want to load up their pets and go in style.

If those who prioritize versatility, don’t stop at just premium seat coverings. Add in some Subaru All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats for additional coverage. These rugged liners are great protection for your floors. Raised edges contain spills, and their texture helps you avoid slippage. They are the ideal solution to help you contain any mess, from spilled food bowls or biscuit crumbs to mud or dripping water.

If Fido likes to ride in the back, no problem! Subaru’s Pet-Friendly Padded Cargo Liner offers thick padding and an easy-to-clean polyester exterior. A zipper along the side keeps things flexible for the 60/40 split-folding seat, while a fold-out bumper protector offers defense against nails and scratching. Whether you vacuum or machine wash, the padded cargo liner is your key to an easy ride.

The gray interior in a 2024 Subaru Forester Sport is shown.

Keep Comfy and Play It Safe

Ensuring not only the comfort but the safety of your furry passenger is at the top of Subaru’s list of priorities. That is why their pet safety harnesses come in a variety of sizes. A pet harness is an essential accessory every pet parent should consider when traveling with their fur babies. Even if you’re just stopping for a quick bite at Hudson Roastery for a coffee and pastry, Subaru recognizes the importance of pet safety. This is one reason why they have designed a selection of high-quality harnesses that connect seamlessly with the Forester’s interior.

Subaru designed their dog harnesses in collaboration with Sleepypod. A padded vest, seatbelt quality straps, and loop webbing ensure your pet stays protected and comfortable the whole way through. The vests come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large and are available in Subaru’s signature blue hue. For further convenience, the harness can be connected to your dog’s leash for easy in and out.

But what about our feline friends? Subaru thought of that, too. Keep your cat companion feeling safe yet cozy with Subaru’s Pet Carrier & Mobile Pet Bed, also available in their signature blue tone. The carrier works as a transport for your pet outside of the vehicle but can be easily integrated into the cabin, making traveling with your pet effortless. Securing with seatbelt straps is a breeze, and the interior features a removable plush pad for easy cleaning.

If your pup is riding in the back, the Thule Collapsible Pet Kennel can be quickly installed in minutes to load up and go, saving you the hassle and your pet the stress when you’re traveling. The collapsible frame makes it painless to fold up when not in use yet still offers plenty of stability and comfort for short or longer trips. Get in sizes medium or large for easy accommodation.

Harnesses and pet carriers aren’t just there to keep your pet safe but can better control their movements while inside the vehicle. This can prevent them from jumping in the front seat or slipping under your feet while you’re driving, which means a safe journey for everyone on board.

Food and Drink on the Go

When embarking on an adventure with your furry companion in your Forester, it is essential to ensure they stay hydrated and nourished along the way. That’s where pet bowls designed specifically for travel come into play.

Subaru offers both small- and medium-sized pet bowls with travel lids to keep things organized and on hand for your pet’s meals. The Travel Pet Bowl keeps things cool thanks to its water base that can be frozen ahead of time to keep food fresh and water cold. The lid can be used as a second bowl, and both can be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher. Their textured bases prevent slipping and sliding.

The black interior and rear cargo area is shown in a 2024 Subaru Forester Sport.

Some Cool Gear

Aside from the essentials, drivers can pick up loads of extras to not only add to the convenience of their Forester but also help Fido show their love for one of the road’s most pet-friendly brands. One accessory we love for our older furry friends is the Pet Ramp. The non-slip pet ramp provides a stable entrance and exit with rubber feet on the ground and a high-grip surface. The ramp supports up to 220 lbs yet remains lightweight. Fold up and store in the rear cargo when not in use.

Want to show your love for your favorite brand? Subaru makes it easy with assorted accessories like bandanas, tennis balls, and collars. Clip on the orange LED safety light to increase your pet’s visibility after dark.

For pet parents who enjoy outdoor adventures with their furry companions, it's easy with extras like the Eco Kibble Bag or Backpack Pet Waste Bag Dispenser that keeps essentials on hand and organized for when nature calls.

Whether your dog enjoys a ride with the Hudson Ferry Co. or getting some exercise around the Olana State Historic Site, it's easy to bring along whatever your journey calls for with the help of Subaru.

The Forester Gets Two Paws Up!

The Forester isn’t your normal SUV; it’s a companion for your next adventure, and this includes trips with your furry friends. From its spacious interior that can be decked out with protective seat covers or harnesses for your pet's comfort (as well as your convenience) to its thoughtful range of pet-friendly accessories like travel bowls and a pet ramp, the Forester is the ultimate ride for pet parents who want to make sure their four-legged companions are safe and cozy as can be.

Thanks to features like washable seat covers, padded cargo liners, and pet carriers, Subaru is a brand that goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of both pets and their owners. Whether you’re swinging by PETCO for a bag of food, heading to Hudson Dog Park for a day of fun, or taking off on a cross-country road trip, you can trust that your Forester has everything you need to make the journey fun for everyone, including your furry co-pilots.