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The choice to upgrade your vehicle mandates more than just a trip to the dealership. It’s important to know your options, the features you need, and which team in the Hudson area can support you after the sale. Along with this, you need strong functionality; whether it’s your turn to sit in the pickup line at school or you’re finishing the weekly grocery shopping, functionality is key.

At Ruge’s Subaru—your dedicated car dealership near Hudson—we have the answer. The Subaru brand is known for its innovative safety and technological features, as well as its functionality for today’s drivers, giving you everything you need and a few things you might not have realized you needed. From the Wilderness Series, which speaks to your adventurous side, to the Impreza, we’re sure you’ll find plenty to love.

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Why Choose Subaru?

There are many reasons to choose a Subaru, starting with its dynamic all-wheel drive system. This system is included throughout the lineup, customized for particular models and driving conditions, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

The symmetrical design of Subaru's all-wheel drive system is one of its main characteristics, promoting a steady and well-balanced driving experience via even power distribution. Essentially, the system distributes power to all four wheels, in contrast to other brands that employ on-demand all-wheel drive systems. As a result, Subaru’s vehicles offer improved traction, stability, and control, especially in difficult driving circumstances like snow, rain, or uneven terrain.

The most prevalent type of Subaru's all-wheel drive technology—Active Torque Split AWD—is present in a number of its vehicles; in response to variables like wheel slippage, acceleration, and deceleration, it modifies the torque distribution between the front and rear axles. Additionally, Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) All-Wheel Drive—available on Subaru models that focus on performance—leans toward the rear wheels for a more dynamic driving experience; this system can actively modify the torque distribution between the front and rear axles depending on the driving conditions.

Finally, X-Mode—a function specifically for off-road and difficult terrain—maximizes traction and control by adjusting engine output and transmission ratios; this is especially helpful in scenarios involving steep descents or inclines. But while the all-wheel drive system gives you the confidence you need to travel both on the road and off it, it isn't the only reason to choose a Subaru...

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Subaru Love Promise

Subaru Love Promise is a charitable endeavor by the automaker dedicated to improving the world by funding several philanthropic ventures and neighborhood-focused initiatives. Spreading love and fostering experiences for others are the cornerstones of the Subaru Love Promise. There are five pillars within this initiative, focusing on the environment, health, education, pets, and community.

To create sustainable actions that focus on these pillars, Subaru works with various partners, such as the National Park Foundation, Make-a-Wish,, BARK, and Feeding America, to name a few. This promise has been a mainstay for the Subaru brand since 2008, giving owners the chance to give back to the charity of their choice. After fifteen years, the Subaru Love Promise has donated more than $256 million to charity, including over 2,100 hometown charities.

Subaru TradeUp Advantage Program

When you own a Subaru, you’re entitled to exclusive benefits, such as the Subaru TradeUp Advantage Program, whose personalized offers enable you to upgrade your vehicle for less than you might expect; you also get a new comprehensive warranty that helps lower maintenance costs. Our team can explore this program if you’re a current Subaru owner, or they can answer questions about it if this is your first Subaru purchase.

Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Value Program

Another program that assists you in an upgrade from your current Subaru to a new model is the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Value Program. This program was created to provide Subaru owners with the best possible trade-in value, so long as they've owned their current vehicle between twelve months and eight years. Qualified vehicles need to check certain boxes—such as total miles in relation to the model year—and be in good working order, free from existing or previously repaired collision damage.

Check Out Today’s Subaru Lineup

Now that you know some compelling reasons to choose Subaru, consider how today’s lineup fits your needs. Subaru offers SUVs, commuter cars, performance models, and fewer emissions, as well as a range of Wilderness vehicles designed for tackling adventure head-on.

Sedans and Coupes

It’s wise to have a reliable car to get you from Point A to Point B, especially if you need to commute into the city a few times a week. Subaru’s longest-running car options are the Impreza and the Legacy, both of which give you and your passengers generous leg and headroom, along with some of the latest safety and technology in the industry.

The Impreza's function-friendly hatchback design makes it easy to load and unload cargo, while the Legacy—Subaru’s four-door sedan—is a smart investment when upgrading to a new vehicle. If you like to feel the power of speed and responsive handling as you navigate the twists and turns of the Hudson Valley, the Subaru WRX or BRZ might be more to your liking. Our team can explore these performance-inspired options with you, answering any questions you might have.

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Subaru’s best-known vehicles might fall into this category, which includes the Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Ascent, and the all-electric Solterra. The smallest in the bunch is the Crosstrek, but the amenities it provides make it seem much larger than it is. For instance, the Crosstrek gives you exceptional traction control thanks to the aforementioned AWD system, as well as significant ground clearance for handling rugged terrain. There’s also a re-tuned engine for the 2024 model year that provides even better power and responsiveness.

In the middle of the pack are the Subaru Outback and the Forester. Each of these, along with the Crosstrek, is also available in the Wilderness series. Both models give you dynamic driver assistance features and outstanding connectivity options. You and your passengers will also enjoy options to customize your Forester or Outback, giving you the ability to haul a small trailer or even a kayak to enjoy the Hudson River Greenwater Trail.

The Subaru Ascent is the newest and biggest SUV in the lineup, allowing you to fit up to eight passengers. It has many of the same great features offered throughout Suburu's SUV lineup, along with generous cargo space to haul whatever you need. Finally, the all-electric Solterra gives you the best that Subaru offers, along with the distinction of being the first all-electric SUV with standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. We have each of these SUVs in stock, giving you the opportunity to check them out in person. In our showroom, our team can also explore the amenities that each option provides, ensuring you get the one that matches your needs, wants, and lifestyle best.

Why Choose Ruge’s Subaru?

Ruge’s Subaru has been part of the Hudson Valley since the 1930s; this gives us a unique perspective on what drivers here need in a new vehicle. In addition, we understand the stress that often comes from car shopping. Thus, we’re dedicated to making your experience more enjoyable by taking the time to listen to what you need and establish a long-lasting relationship. With those things in mind, the down-home vibe you get from our team aims to lower the stress you might feel so you can focus on making the best choice. In addition, when you shop with our team, you benefit from The Ruge’s Advantage. This program is exclusive to our brand and gives you a Lifetime Engine Warranty on all new vehicles that give you engine coverage for as long as you own your vehicle, no matter how many miles it has on it. If you purchase a used vehicle from us that has under 100,000 miles, you get a six-month, 6,000-mile Powertrain Warranty. Each of these comes free of charge.

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Stop By Today Whether you’re new to the Subaru brand or you’re already enjoying one, our team at Ruge’s Subaru wants to be your automotive dealer of choice. With a long history in the Hudson Valley, we understand what our drivers need in a new vehicle, and we’re sure you’ll find that and more in the Subaru lineup. In addition to our friendly and knowledgeable team, you’ll get added support from our finance team, which works to get you the best rates around, and our service team, which works to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. When you’re ready to upgrade your ride, stop by and see us today.