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A blue 2023 Subaru WRX is shown from the front at an angle.

Subaru, as a brand, is world-renowned not because of the sheer number of vehicles the manufacturer pushes out of its factories each year but because people are purchasing and praising these vehicles. However, for all the glitter and glory your Subaru vehicle will give you, if you don't shop smart, you can end up with a vehicle that's lacking features you didn't know you needed or perhaps ones you didn't know existed. It's for reasons like this that you should trust a car dealership near Red Hook like ours here at Ruge's Subaru, conveniently located in Rhinebeck.

Shopping for your Subaru vehicle is only a portion of the experience because, at our dealership, we also offer a grander overall picture of what the ideal Subaru shopping experience is about. What picture is that? The grander picture is where you find great prices on supremely high-quality automobiles with a team dedicated to helping you find a great vehicle. We make shopping for a new or used vehicle easy and help maintain your current vehicle properly, which helps us be the one-stop Subaru dealership for drivers in the Red Hook area.

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Why Choose a Subaru?

Why should someone in your shoes purchase a Subaru when there are plenty of other options out there? Simple: sustainability, safety, and Subaru's attention to greatness. If you want a safe vehicle, you should buy a Subaru model. It's not a coincidence that many Subaru vehicles have been recognized for their safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Being named an IIHS Top Safety Pick is a tremendous achievement for any vehicle that earns the accolade, but for Subaru models it is almost routine. This is thanks to the brand's dedication to introducing innovative safety features such as its Ring-Shaped Reinforcement frame that shields occupants in a crash or its EyeSight driver-assist technologies that help prevent accidents from occuring.

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You may also choose to make Subaru your brand of choice because you have heard about Subaru staples like Symmetrical AWD or the Boxer engine. Thanks to these features, Subaru vehicles handle with more precision than their competitors. The Boxer engine provides a lower center of gravity because of its unique layout where the pistons are placed horizontally rather than vertically. This can help prevent common yet disastrous accidents like rolling your car over after too sharp a turn. The Boxer engine also has a side benefit of running more smoothly than a traditional inline engine, which can reduce vibration in the vehicle.

As for Symmetrical AWD, Subaru uses it to provide superior traction on slippery road surfaces. Much like the Boxer engine, Symmetrical AWD is unique to Subaru and approaches all-wheel drive differently than other brands. It is a full-time AWD system that always sends torque to all four wheels. This provides better grip than regular AWD systems, which only send torque to the rear wheels after they detect wheel slip. Technology like the Boxer engine and Symmetrical AWD helps Subaru stick out from the crowd, and coupled with the incredible safety profiles for most of its lineup, Subaru is a fantastic choice for your next vehicle. 

Shop From Our Selection of New Subaru Vehicles

You can easily find your dream car within Subaru's lineup, and you can count on us at Ruge's Subaru to provide you with the selection of brand-new Subaru vehicles you need. Subaru produces nothing but high-quality vehicles for drivers who need them, and whether you're looking for an SUV, sedan, performance car, or EV, Subaru's lineup is here to save the day. Among the new vehicles you can buy from our dealership – or custom order through us – there are SUVs like the Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, Ascent, and Solterra, sedans like the Subaru Impreza and Legacy, performance vehicles like the Subaru WRX, and more.

Why would you want to purchase a new Subaru vehicle? Not only do you get the chance to customize your vehicle to fit your driving style or even your fashion sense with different seat materials, exterior colors, and more, but you also get Subaru's new vehicle warranties. Also, an odometer with zero miles on it with that always cherished new car smell to tie it all together is something that every driver can appreciate, and there's no better feeling when that new vehicle is a Subaru.

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We Also Carry an Extensive Inventory of Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you take a ride down to Ruge's Subaru, you can also buy yourself a pre-owned vehicle. We have your Subaru favorites at great prices, and if you want to know any further information about a vehicle before you purchase it, then we're more than happy to show you the CARFAX vehicle history report. We have all the answers you need when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, such as what features come with each model year.

There are used Subaru vehicles like the Forester, Ascent, Outback, Legacy, and more. And we can supply you with a car from another manufacturer, which can help mix up your shopping in some great and unique ways. We have manufacturers like Ram, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Ford for those looking for a pre-owned vehicle beyond the Subaru lineup.

Our Service Center Is Here for All Your Maintenance Needs

When you shop with us, you should also consider scheduling an appointment with our certified technicians. Whether you need assistance changing your tires, oil, or you require help with a check engine light, we can give you first-rate service every time you bring your vehicle in for servicing at our on-site Subaru service center. Our rates are competitive, and you may also find some applicable service specials because we're always looking out for our customers' best interests.

Getting your vehicle serviced can sometimes feel like an inconvenience, but that's not the case when you bring your vehicle in for servicing or repairs at Ruge's Subaru. Waiting for your vehicle to complete its servicing means you're invited to sit in our lounge, relax, and enjoy any of our amenities. Want true OEM Subaru parts at great prices? We also have an on-site parts center with our service center where you can get the parts you need for an affordable price.

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Whether You’re Looking for New or Used, We’ll Find You a Great Vehicle

The best way to responsibly purchase your vehicle is to buy one from experts who know the rundown on Subaru's current lineup and can walk you through any questions or concerns you have. That's part of what we offer here at Ruge's Subaru. What about the rest of the experience? The rest of the experience remains about you, your wants, and needs, and address any inquiries about any of the vehicles we offer, like the super popular Subaru Outback or Impreza, among others.

You'll also find our financial team is exceptionally helpful when it comes to helping you find ways to acquire a lower monthly payment. We believe that such great service from sales, financing, and maintenance doesn't require traveling far. Instead, we bring the best parts of Subaru to your neck of the woods, so if you're one of our drivers within the Red Hook area, then you need to visit our dealership today because we're ready to show you the future if you're also ready to experience it.