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With the brand’s unrivaled reliability, incomparable durability, and excellent resale values, it’s no secret why a Subaru is the brand you want to buy a vehicle from. You may be asking yourself, “what Subaru dealer near me is the best when it comes to providing top-quality, exceptional service?” Well, the answer to that question is simple; Ruge’s Subaru is the go-to choice for Rhinebeck drivers. Not only are you able to shop from some of the best models in the industry right here on our lot, but you also get to take advantage of highly experienced sales professionals who are there to guide you to the right option for your travels. Shopping for a new car should be exciting, not stressful, and when you team up with us, you’ll realize that the entire process is easy and fun, and you’ll drive away in a car you love. It’s time to take back the car shopping experience, finding a vehicle that won’t let you down, all right here at Ruge’s Subaru.

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We'll Help People in the Rhinebeck Area Get a Great Subaru

Driving the right car is incredibly important. When you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s not right for you, your journey suffers, and you’re unable to enjoy the ride like you deserve. Fortunately, Rhinebeck drivers and beyond are able to take advantage of a dealership that won’t let them choose the wrong car for their travels. Since 1935, our team has been assisting Rhinebeck drivers in finding the cars with the features and capabilities they need, and we’ve only gotten better with time. Family-owned and operated, Ruge’s Subaru takes the needs and wants of our customers very seriously, which is why we offer only the best new and used offerings on the road.

We pride ourselves on providing our employees with a positive workplace, and it shows through our commitment and willingness to help our customers. We also strive to provide our customers with a level of transparency that is quite unlike our competitors, so they know they’re getting the best price for their vehicles without any doubts or misinformation. We’re conveniently located and readily available to be of assistance, whether you have a brand-new Subaru model on your wish list or you’d like to explore our inventory of high-quality used models. It’s obvious that we have our community’s best interests in mind, as we’re heavily involved in many local charities and organizations.

Through convenient hours, competitive rates, and one of the best selections of vehicles in the Rhinebeck area, we make it easy for drivers to choose to work with us over the competition. We also offer online shopping to make the car buying process easier than ever. No matter which vehicle you’re looking for and how you’d prefer to shop, Ruge’s Subaru caters the entire process to our customers and your unique needs. That’s why more Rhinebeck drivers are choosing to shop with us because they know their experience will be top-notch.

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New Models Always Provide Something Amazing

The new Subaru vehicle lineup is filled with models that are designed to add security, versatility, and durability to your travels, not to mention dependability like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Subaru vehicles hold their value among the best on the road, and it’s clear that its new vehicles are exceptional. From SUVs to sedans, you’ll have your pick, whether you’re looking for a large and spacious option for your family, a rugged adventurer for your weekend escapades, or a performance-oriented model to add more thrill to your daily drive.

There are many benefits to shopping from the new Subaru inventory. In addition to being able to enjoy some of the latest offerings from the brand, you’re able to have the unmatched peace of mind that your vehicle is new, you’re its first owner, and there won’t be any surprises lurking beneath the surface. You’re able to design the vehicle you want by choosing the trim level you desire, as well as customizing it with the latest add-ons to make it truly what you want for your lifestyle. It’s also comforting to know that your vehicle is covered under an excellent warranty so that if anything does go wrong, it’s handled.

It's also more convenient for many drivers to buy a new car, as maintenance and repairs shouldn't be needed right away. For Subarus, you’ll also be able to take advantage of standard all-wheel drive, the newest tech offerings, plus a modern styling that you may not be able to find in older models. New vehicles appeal to many drivers, and when you want to have a choice between some of the top options on the road, the new models from Subaru won’t let you down. At Ruge’s Subaru, we keep our new lot stocked with only the best, which is why Rhinebeck drivers don’t hesitate to shop here when they’re in the market for a new car.

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Used Subarus Are Long-Lasting

Subarus, unlike many other cars on the road, are more enticing to buy used, mainly because they hold their value so well. They’re designed to last, with durable builds and top-quality materials, which is what makes used Subarus for sale so appealing to many drivers. It’s clear that Subarus can stand the test of time, with 96% of them still on the road after 10 years, and when you’re looking to save money and get a quality car, shopping from our used inventory may be perfect for you. Some drivers hesitate to buy used because they are worried about hidden problems arising, but with us and our selection of high-quality used Subarus, you can rest easy shopping here.

Every vehicle depreciates, and they depreciate the most within the first couple years of ownership. Buying used is so popular because drivers are able to get more for their money this way. Features that may have been out of financial reach in the new inventory are now attainable in the used inventory. You’re able to get a higher-level trim or advanced features for less money when you buy a model a year or two older. You’re also able to enjoy perks, like lower down payments, lower monthly payments, and even reduced insurance rates when you buy used, helping you save even more money with your purchase.

Knowing that Subaru designs quality vehicles is what makes it easy for drivers to say yes to a used Subaru model. We have plenty on our lot so that you’re able to find the vehicle that meets your driving requirements. You won’t be able to get the level of reliability from any other brand out there, which makes Subaru one of the most trusted on the road.

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Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Subaru

Ruge’s Subaru knows what our customers are looking for, and with a pristine facility, welcoming environment, and remarkable selection, you’ll realize right away that you made the right decision with us. Our team has been working with our community for decades, and from new to used models, we supply only the safest, most dependable models in the industry. Seeing our community thrive and our drivers travel in reliable vehicles makes us proud of what we do, and we seek to assist our customers beyond the initial purchase. Our Subaru service center is ready to help you maintain your vehicle so that it lasts for miles, and whenever you need a repair or a modification, we’re there to help. So, stop by and explore our lot, take a test drive of some of our models, and understand why so many drivers continue to trust in the respected Subaru name for all of their travels.