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A white 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport driving on an open road.

Whether you're looking to enjoy your commute to work or need a spacious vehicle for the whole family, the right model can make a lot of difference in your time behind the wheel each day. There are many makes and models to choose from that are currently on the marketplace and plenty of dealerships that provide various offerings. Here at Ruge's Subaru, we're happy to suggest to our customers who are currently in the market for something that can enhance their driving experience and profile them with a fulfilling time when behind the wheel.

Of the many vehicles that Subaru manufactures, we find ourselves telling our customers about how exceptional the Legacy is. Not only is the Legacy Subaru's flagship product, but the vehicle has been excellent in providing drivers with an affordable car with conservative fuel consumption and agile handling. If you're in the market for a cost-effective method of transportation that will fulfill your basic needs and exceed your expectations, consider coming to Ruge's Subaru. We think a Subaru Legacy for sale might be the most important and rewarding purchase you decide to make this year.

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An Overview of the Subaru Legacy

The upward trajectory in popularity that the SUV has seen in recent years has led many manufacturers to abandon the four-door sedan to satisfy the growing demand. However, the Subaru Legacy continues to prove that the four-door sedan is still a viable means of transportation. The Legacy, which debuted in 1989, immediately set itself apart from many other sedans, particularly the Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. Equipped with AWD and a four-cylinder BOXER engine, the Legacy offered sedan owners a chance to have an economical means of transportation but also one that had a unique penchant for performance.

Throughout the early years of the Legacy, the vehicle was offered as both a sedan and station wagon, with various editions and variations offered in multiple markets. Aside from being a favored option among many drivers as a commuter vehicle, the Legacy has permanently established a formidable reputation in the world of motorsports, with many being utilized in rally competitions.

The Subaru Legacy has continually been at the forefront of many notable achievements, which have made the vehicle a favorite in terms of economy and safety. In 2008, Subaru developed a technological offering known as EyeSight, which has been proven essential in accident prevention by offering drivers additional oversight where it matters most. In recent years, Legacy has opted for a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission), which has given the vehicle the advantage of a better fuel economy. In 2005, the Legacy achieved one of its most significant hallmarks since it first debuted, with Subaru announcing that it had sold over three million units worldwide. Numbers don't lie, and these indeed speak to the trust many drivers have continued to place in the Legacy.

The cabin and infotainment screen in a 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport for sale.

Come In and Test Drive the Legacy for Yourself

The most important part of the vehicle selection process is taking that all-important test drive. But before you get behind the wheel and put the keys into the ignition, the team here at Ruge's Subaru will go over the various trims to assist you in making the ideal selection.

The Legacy comes in various trim levels with unique advantages in luxury, entertainment, appearance, and multiple safety and driving assistance features. Aside from selecting the correct number of features, comforts, and amenities that will suit you best, it's also essential to choose the powertrain that will be ideal for you. Earlier, we mentioned how the Legacy is just as popular in motorsports as a consumer-friendly vehicle. The Legacy comes with a variety of powertrain options, giving you the ability to choose the performance that best fits your needs.

Discuss Your Financing Options With Us

The Subaru Legacy is a relatively affordable vehicle, but sometimes, it's necessary to obtain outside financing to make an initial purchase. Our financing department is here to lend you help if you need it. We understand that financing can seem complicated, especially if this is your first time making an important vehicle purchase such as this. We'll take the time to review your finances to formulate a plan that's ideal for you and allow you to drive off in a Subaru Legacy while still living well within your means.

We also provide many other options that can be just as helpful. If you own your current vehicle outright, or its value exceeds the amount you owe, you can trade in your car as a form of positive equity. This will offset upfront costs and lower your monthly payments to us. We offer multiple options if you're interested in leasing a Subaru Legacy. Leasing is a great way to take advantage of Subaru's offerings without worrying about depreciation and resale value.

Side view of a grey 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport overlooking a city at night.​​​​​​​

Our Service Center Can Help With All of Your Maintenance Needs

The Subaru Legacy offers exceptional quality that very few four-door sedans can. To get the most out of your Legacy, Ruge's Subaru has a parts and service department that can keep your purchase running great with all necessary maintenance. We employ expertly-trained technicians who understand the subtle intricacies that make the Subaru fleet so exceptional and can meet the various needs that your vehicle will require.

We can take care of the basic needs, such as oil changes and tire rotations, and the more complex matters that ensure your Subaru continues to operate in excellent condition. Modern vehicles are more advanced than they've ever been in previous years, and this means that many of the various onboard computers and sensors require periodic diagnostic tests to ensure they retain their capability and continue to function correctly. Our team will take care of these and any annual inspections so that you can drive with the utmost confidence.

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Visit Us Today and Check Out the Subaru Legacy

From its humble beginnings in 1989 to its reputation as one of the best vehicles on the rally circuit, to the continuing improvements that are made each year, the Subaru Legacy continues to shine as a four-door sedan that offers economy, performance, and a sustainable method of transportation that any driver can take advantage of. This iconic Subaru model offers the versatility drivers are looking for, whether it's a comfortable and efficient ride to work, or reliable transportation for your family. The Legacy's strength is in its ability to offer a great driving experience to a wide range of drivers and lifestyles.

Taking advantage of everything the Subaru Legacy offers might be one of the best choices you make. At Ruge's Subaru, we strive to provide a buying experience that's beneficial and informative, not to mention easy and enjoyable. Our team wants to put you in the driver's seat and on the road to an enriching experience behind the wheel. We'll take the necessary time to address questions and concerns you might have about the Legacy and how each trim has its unique advantages and capabilities.

We believe in offering an all-inclusive location that covers every possible aspect of Subaru ownership. We have a vast selection of new and used models for sale and the means to offer financing and routine service to help you have the reliable transportation you deserve. That's the difference you'll experience at Ruge's Subaru, and we hope you'll come to see us soon.