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Whether you need to replace a tire that has been damaged beyond repair or you need a completely new set due to wear and tear, Ruge’s Subaru is the place to go for all of your tire care needs. Our tire center carries all major brands, as well as all different types of tires for sale. This means that we can assist you even if you are driving a vehicle from a brand other than Subaru.

Sometimes, your tires get worn, and the tread gets too thin. When this happens, you'll lose valuable traction and thus risk getting into an accident since this will increase your stopping distance, especially when you are driving in inclement weather. Other times, you may get a nail or screw puncture in the sidewall or one that does enough damage to the tread that it requires you to replace the damaged tire.

These occurrences require you to go to a place that can help you get new tires that match the ones you currently have, and most Subaru drivers around here turn to the tire center at Ruge's Subaru to get the expert assistance they need.

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Winter, Summer, All-Season, and All-Terrain Tires

It's vital that you ensure that all of your tires are the same type from the same brand. Many people don’t know that driving on mismatched tires can impact your vehicle’s performance and even cause damage to your vehicle. If you ever had a flat tire and needed to use the spare, you may have noticed that it is not the same size as your other tires.

If your vehicle has one of these “donut” spares, you’ve probably seen in the owner’s manual that the manufacturer of your vehicle does not recommend riding on it for too many miles while also keeping your speed under 50 mph. This is to protect your vehicle from damage while helping you avoid getting into an accident. If you are in this type of situation, you will need to get your flat tire fixed or replaced.

There are four basic types of tires. The most common are all-season. These are designed to provide solid performance on the road under most types of weather conditions. They feature treads that are deep enough to channel snow, sleet, and ice away so you can avoid skidding. However, these are not as strong in the snow as winter tires, which have deeper treads.

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If you live in an area with more than its fair share of snow, these are the ones to choose. Winter tires have the drawback that they can reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle as the tire is softer to avoid freezing in cold temperatures. In addition, they are really only useful when you are faced with snow and ice.

At the other end of the spectrum are summer tires. These have less tread but are designed to improve cornering traction while reducing stopping distance. They also use a stickier rubber compound, improving performance on dry roads. You should never use these in winter weather conditions as they will increase your chances of skidding. In general, summer tires tend to be used on performance sports cars to increase speed, acceleration, and handling.

All-terrain tires are an alternative to all-season and are used on off-road models of trucks and SUVs. These are designed to handle dirt, sand, and rough terrain. They are fine on pavement and, like all-season tires, can be used year-round. However, they won’t give you the fuel economy you will find with all-season tires, as their blockier treads are not as good on pavement.

We carry all of these types of tires from most major brands. This means that we will probably be able to match the existing tires on your vehicle based on type, size, and brand. We also carry full replacement sets as well in case the treads on one or all of your tires have become worn.

Our Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan

Our tire center gives all of our customers peace of mind on their tire purchases. This is what we call our Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan, and it comes complimentary with every tire purchase you make from us. In the event that you have a problem with the tire you purchased, we will cover the replacement or repair of the tire.

In most cases, this may involve something as simple as a puncture, such as from running over a nail or screw in the road. If the damage is more significant, we will cover the repair. Best of all, this plan is redeemable at any Subaru retailer, so if you can’t come to Ruge’s Subaru, another dealer will take care of you.

This plan also includes Complimentary Subaru Tire Roadside Assistance. With this, if you are out on the road and unable to drive your vehicle to the Subaru dealership, a team will be sent to assist you and your vehicle as long as you are within the 24-month period following your tire purchase.

The Perks of Our Certified Service Center

Just like other parts of your vehicle, it is crucial to keep your vehicle’s tires properly maintained. The technicians at our service center can help you with all of your tire needs. The simplest service is tire rotation. The tires on your vehicle do not wear evenly; if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, the front tires will get worn faster, while rear-wheel drive models put more stress on the rear tires’ treads. Also, making turns will wear the tires differently.

Over time, the treads on each tire will be worn down in a different way. To avoid this, you should have your tires rotated at least once a year. The way it works is the rear left tire is switched with the right front one, and the rear right tire is rotated with the left front tire. Many of our customers have this done during an oil change in order to save time.

Sometimes, you may hit a bump, pothole, or curb that knocks your tires out of alignment. You will notice this if you hear a sound every time you make a turn or find the vehicle pulling to one side when you brake. If this happens, your tires will need to be aligned, and our team can assist you with this as well.

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Replacing a tire involves three key services. First, our technician will replace the damaged tire with a new one, installing the same brand, type, and size as the one that is being replaced. Next, we will balance the tires to make sure they all have the same amount of air pressure and that the tires and wheels are properly weighed. This is crucial to make sure the wheels work together. Finally, our technician will align the wheels so that you'll get optimal performance from them.

In some cases, a damaged tire can be repaired. Your first indication will probably be seeing the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light on your dashboard. This means that one or more of your tires don’t have adequate air pressure. If you look at the inside door well on the driver’s side of your vehicle, you will see the proper air pressure for your tires.

If the weather is cold, it could be the air pressure has dropped, and all you need is to add some air to your tires. However, the TPMS could also be on because your tire has a puncture. As long as the puncture isn’t too deep or to the sidewall, we can probably repair the puncture and have you back on the road in no time.

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Find the Right Tires for Your Car Today

Getting the right tires for your car is critical to get the most out of your vehicle. This is why our tire center carries as many brands and types as possible. We know that each vehicle requires different tires. In addition, certain drivers have special needs, like people who use winter and all-terrain tires. At Ruge’s Subaru, we have all of your tire needs covered.

When you come to our service center, our technician will diagnose the problem with your tire. Oftentimes, the tire can be repaired by adding air or sealing a puncture. However, if it requires replacement, we will provide you with one that matches the other ones on your vehicle.

If your tires have become too worn, we will replace your existing set with those that fit the requirements of your vehicle's manufacturer. Our team will check the specifications of your vehicle and help you choose a set that works right for you. You may also want to purchase a set of winter tires if your vehicle comes equipped with a set of summer tires; when the season changes, bring your vehicle in and we'll outfit you properly.

So come to Ruge’s Subaru for all of your tire needs. We are the one place to choose to keep your tires properly repaired and, if necessary, replaced.